D500 Disinfectant Sprayer

$ 249.99
The Wagner D500 is a stationary sprayer that can quickly and easily apply disinfectant, ensuring complete coverage of hard surfaces and confidence in your disinfecting efforts. It’s ideal for sanitizing and disinfecting medium sized spaces such as multi-cubicles, restrooms, play areas, exercise rooms and more. The sprayer evenly covers areas quickly for fast turnaround time between cleanings.

The stationary design keeps the weight of the turbine on the ground for less user fatigue while cleaning. It also comes with exchangeable cups (800ml and 1400ml) to match project size/needs. It’s compatible with all water based disinfectants only.


  • Ideal for sanitizing medium sized spaces
  • 10X faster than a spray bottle with complete and even coverage of surfaces
  • Disinfectant nozzle designed to spray optimal micron size droplets (45 micron rating) for most effective sanitizing and disinfecting results
  • Turbine on the ground for less user fatigue
  • 15’ air hose for easy maneuverability and a 30’ working area
  • Disinfect 8x4 conference room table in seconds
  • 800ml cup covers 256 sq. feet and 1400ml cup covers 448 sq. ft.
  • Compatible with all water based disinfectants only
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