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Production Group Lead

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Position Objective:

The individual in this role supports production personnel by meeting production schedules, training staff, and meeting quality and efficiency standards.


  • Mentors new and existing staff and provides regular feedback verbally or in written from; delegates, monitors, and reviews the progress of assigned work to ensure accuracy and consistency.  Addresses issues that may be interfering with production such as equipment failure, safety hazards, quality assurance, and part shortages.Communicates and interprets department and
  • Company policies; monitors the effectiveness of systems and procedures, and makes recommendations to ensure daily operations are efficient, implementing approved changes.
  • Trains and instructs new and existing staff on job functions and the proper use of equipment as well as following standardized work as provided by supporting team members; monitors the effectiveness of training tools and makes recommendations for changes.
  • Sustains and drives lean manufacturing and 5S activities and ensures compliance with established safety policies and procedures.
  • Confidentially handles usual, unusual or difficult inquiries or situations, or may direct to the appropriate individual as needed; may provide documented input to supervisor for performance reviews, corrective action, performance improvement and candidate selection.
  • Interprets daily productivity expectations and organizes employees and equipment to fulfill daily targets.
  • Intuitively alert to the actions and activity of the team and equipment being used as it relates to the quality of work being performed along with the health and safety of the team.  Keeps instructional aids available along with quality controls and checks in place.
  • Engages supporting team members to establish root causes of productivity or product inadequacies, and collaboratively finds solutions that improve and prevent reoccurrence.
  • Establishes and maintains best practices in creating consistency with customer specifications such as level of service and published routing guide requirements.
  • Sets up subassemblies and work stations by orders and audits production for accuracy.  Enters completed units and accessories into stock through MRP system.
  • May attend meetings on safety, production, design and/or quality and leads weekly easel board meetings for production line in a cross-functional group.
  • Interacts with Quality, Design and Manufacturing Engineers regarding issues, needs and finding related to the products produced and equipment used to produce them.  Cover for other Group Leads as needed.
  • Ensures tools are working properly and that hand power tools are at the proper torque setting.
  • Ensures sorting or rework is done off the line and conducts line audits of finished product.  Writes up line scrap weekly.
  • Keys labor, reviews SWO’s correspondence with Manufacturing Supervisors and others through email, prints changeover forms and carton labels.  Reviews prints, DMR’s and other documents.


  • High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) required
  • Post-secondary education or certification in Lean Manufacturing, Process Flow, or related field preferred


  • Must have at least three years of related experience and a forklift certification or license.
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Find out what’s new from Wagner including product news, exclusive email offers, promotions and more.