About Sprayers

Squeeze the trigger and you're painting with our line of easy-to-use sprayers. When it comes to adding texture to walls or ceilings, varnishing doors or furniture or just painting the exterior of your home: there is a Wagner Sprayer for every job.

Handheld Sprayers - for a variety of projects for painting or staining chairs, lattice, shutters, sheds or 1-story houses.

Multi-Use Sprayers -  the revolutionary FLEXiO 570 and 590 sprayers provide maximum control for a variety of indoor and outodoor projects. The PaintREADY Sprayer and System feature iSpray technology and an enhanced turbine motor, making it faster and easier for inexperienced painters to achieve professional results.


Fine Finishing Sprayers  - designed for light bodied material such as stains, sealers and enamels and with maximum control and low overspray for projects such as decks, lawn furniture, cabinets or trim.

Painting Systems - a stationary sprayer with a hose and gun for large painting projects such as decks, fences, sheds and houses.